Artist's Canvas

This was a fun personal excersice in expanding my understaning of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

After building my first website, which I found immense joy in doing, I wanted to continue learning what was capable with web development and so I decided to create a simple art application. Over the course of the summer in 2013 I designed, layed out, and built this web application.

Initially it only supported the most basic drawing mechanics such as line and freehand as well as color changing support only through color hex codes rather than the now supported color picker. Additionally, at a later time in 2013 I added the ability to upload the artistic creations to my server and then made them viewable through an in-app gallery. Now everyone could see what everyone else made.

Work Highlights

  • Undo/Redo support
  • Ability to upload to server and viewable in hosted gallery
  • Multiple drawing styles (line, freehand, array)
  • Multiple draw-able shapes (square, circle)
  • Adjustable stroke weight, line color, and fill color for shapes