Baby Genius Sing Along

As the lead, and sole, programmer I touched every part of the app. I built out the user interface, added in-app purchasing support, created the music maker, and built the underlying system that easily connects the various instruments to the songs and their respective audio for those particular songs.

The application was built upon the Sparkle Framework and while that framework supported the "sing along" scenes there was no built-in support for in-app purchases nor for the audio and music requirements necessary for this app.

Work Highlights

  • In-App Purchases support for microtransactions including new songs and instruments
  • Built the "Music Maker" which allows kids to learn to play their favorite songs
  • Built a dynamic auto-play system
  • UI/UX
  • Flurry in-app analytics


''Join the Baby Genius gang as they sing and dance along to classic kids songs. In SING ALONG mode, kids will love seeing and hearing their favorite songs come alive through an entertaining mix of music, words and fun animated surprises around every corner. Want more Baby Genius fun?! Play MUSIC MAKER mode where you can play with fun instruments such as horns, xylophones and even a CAT KEYBOARD!''