Backyard Fencing

Backyard Fencing was developed in 48 hours during the STL Scatter Jam 2014 by myself (programmer) and Melanie Severs (artist). The jam's theme was "fence/spring" and our design revolved around what children would image fencing could be and what it might be if they did it in their backyard.

This was the first time I had ever worked in GameMaker Studios and its language GML. That did bring about some issues in the short time-frame we had to make the game. We overcame almost all of the issues although now and again one of the characters may not actually throw their weapon.

Being our first project in GameMaker we opted for simplicity. The game plays on a single screen, uses a single audio track, and the "main menu" is actually just an overlay over the regular game that is hidden when a player starts the match.

Work Highlights

  • Co-designed game
  • Built two player support
  • Built fighting mechanics (throwing of sticks and umbrellas and blocking)
  • Built Unique on-top-of-fence movement


''Children's imaginations run wild as they attempt to "fence" in an epic backyard dual!''