Boulder King and Lump

Boulder King and Lump was developed in 48 during STL Scatter Jam 2015 by myself (programmer) and Melanie Severs (artist). The jam's theme was "connected" so our design followed a character chained to a boulder which put a restriction on movement and connected the two in combat.

This was the most difficult, of the all the jam games we made, to design. We had many, many ideas thought most were turned down to the time limitation of the jam our the engine we used.

We chose Boulder King and Lump since we hadn't tried our hands at a wave based arena game. The movement also interested me greatly since it was isometric and also restrictive and various ways.

Work Highlights

  • Co-designed game
  • Built restrictive movement mechanics. The controllable character is attached to the boulder so they have limited distance unless they carry to boulder with them which slows down their movement speed
  • Built AI with melee and ranged enemies that spawn in waves and phases (each phase upgraded the enemies)


''Play as Lump and Boulder King to defeat the endless waves of enemies! How long can you survive?''