Johnny Tractor and Friends: Snow Day

I was brought onto the project to help refactor the application's "Puzzle Time" mode.

The mode contained John Deere characters and the user a meant to fill in their outlines with their various pieces. Once filled in the character would come to life.

However, the mode originally was designed to only support a single character and it was impossibly hard-coded and could not support any more than that specific one. My task was to refactor this system so it was dynamic and could not only support more than one character but also support an interchangable list of characters.

Work Highlights

  • Refactor of "Puzzle Time" mode to support a possibly unlimited number of puzzles


''There’s a big holiday celebration planned in the town square tonight and Deerfield Valley has been blanketed in snow! It’s up to Johnny Tractor and his construction buddies to clear the snow and decorate for the big event!

In this endearing interactive storybook that teaches the importance of teamwork and friendship, you can help Johnny Tractor, Danny Dozer, Eddie Excavator, Barney Backhoe, Grady Grader, and Luke Loader, get the town square ready for the holiday celebration! Clear the snow from the town’s streets, find and trim the perfect holiday tree, decorate town hall, arrange presents, and more! Friends always pull together!''