Mr. Potato Head: School Rush

I was tasked with adding several back-end features, in-app analytics and more apps support, as well as integrating Apple Watch.

The integration of Apple Watch was met with many trials and tribulations. At the time, and I think even still, Unity does not support Apple Watch. There was just no simple integration point that would have made the whole thing rather quick and easy. Additionally any resources found only worked on Apple Watch 1.0 while by the time I started working on the app Apple Watch was already on 2.0.

Eventually through my trial and error I did finally integrate Apple Watch into our app. The watch's feature set included changing its cover-image on each new scene and tapping the watch while in a scene would trigger some animation.

However, ultimately the Apple Watch support was not included in the apps release because of the OS restrictions it placed on the app.

Work Highlights

  • Apple Watch support
  • Flurry in-app analytics


''Are you ready for a Spud-tacular adventure? MR. POTATO HEAD stars in his first-ever interactive storybook app – MR. POTATO HEAD: School Rush! Tap, swipe, shake, and tilt your way through the action as MR. POTATO HEAD comes to life in a cinematic, thrilling tale!

When MR. POTATO HEAD tries to get you to school on time, you can expect as many twists and turns as the number of detachable parts on his body! An exciting, interactive saga awaits when you try to keep MR. POTATO HEAD in one piece! This is a story you’ll want to read (and play!) again and again!''