Play-Doh: Seek and Squish

After the release of Seek and Squish I was tasked to add an additional environment, as well as animals and their respective journal entries, to the game and to fix some bugs for a future update.

Seek and Squish was built upon the Sparkle Framework however, it worked quite a bit different from the other Sparkle based applications I had worked on. Some of its unique features included camera support, a comprehensive data management system, and dynamically placed hidden animals in the environment.

After the addition of the new content I fixed primaily two major bugs. One was that the journal was not correctly associating images to their respective animal in the journal while the other was a UI/UX bug that didn't support the correct flow for backwards navigation in the app.

Work Highlights

  • Added additional environment
  • Added additional animals
  • Added additional journal entries
  • Fixed journal images on Android


''Play-Doh: Seek and Squish is an original storybook made entirely of digital Play-Doh! In this ‘Seek and Squish’ adventure, friendly animals have gathered to welcome you, but suddenly, they are hiding all over a vibrant Play-Doh world. To find the animals, you need to squish your way through a variety of gorgeous Play-Doh landscapes with swipes and taps of the screen. Can you find all the animals in every habitat?

This interactive storybook adventure has eight colorful habitats where animals are ready to play hide-and-go-seek with you. Animals pop up everywhere in Play-Doh land, including the Ocean, the Desert, and the Arctic, but some are hiding in places you’d least expect them! Squish a shrub to uncover a whale, but does a whale belong in the forest? If not, it’s up to you to help the whale get home!''