Shark Week: Shark Strike

I lead the programming development as well as participated on some early design decisions. As the sole programmer atatched to this particular game I ultimately wrote all of the code barring external plugins, such as Facebook and Vungle.

Development progressed in an agile state with constant communication and feedback between our team and both Glass Entertainment and Discovery. With this level of communication out game stayed in a ever evolving state with each milestone expanding its depth and improving its quality.

Shark Week: Shark Strike combines two different formats for mobile games. It follows a freemium formula in that it is free to play, but contains video ads as well as micro-transactions like consumable currencies to upgraded and buy sharks. However, it also contains premium features such a narrative complete with animatics as well as a set of missions that can be completed. This combination brought about many challenges in both design and programming.

Work Highlights

  • Built and co-designed UI and UX
  • Built side scrolling system that supports an easy to modify module system for level design
  • Built and co-designed bosses as well as environmental hazards
  • Integrated in-app purchasing with consumable and non-consumable items
  • Built video ad manager (Vungle)
  • Integrated Game Center (iOS) and Google Play Game Services (Android)
  • Integrated cloud services for managing user data (PlayFab)
  • Integrated social sharing (Facebook)
  • Integrated in-app analytics (Flurry)


''In this side-scrolling adventure game, you are no ordinary shark. When a group of big bad “Boss” Orcas come around and snatch up your shark pups, you set off on an epic quest to get your babies back! You start off as a Reef Shark, but as you build up the skills, experience and shark points necessary, you can climb up the predator food chain into a Blue Shark, Bull Shark, Thresher Shark or even a Great White! Each type of shark comes with special abilities and attributes—from chomp to speed to stamina. It is your goal to maximize each shark in order to reach your full potential and save your pups. Even the humble Reef Shark has what it takes!

Life in this ocean is tough! Thrust into the open water, players must eat prey to survive and avoid the dangers of the sea. Make it far enough and you’ll face your biggest challenge—the “Boss” orca himself! Sharks aren’t just mindless eating machines, but magnificent creatures trying to survive. You’ll have three challenging multi-level underwater worlds-- the Tropics, the Arctic and Ancient Ruins to explore as you hunt the bad guys down!''