Souls of the Fallen

Souls of the Fallen was developed during the Ludum Dare 32 Jam in 2015 by myself (programmer) and Melanie Severs (artist). The jam lasted 72 hours although we only had 48 hours to work on the game. The jam's theme was "unconventional weapon" so our design revolved around combat that required to user to absorb soul orbs, mostly thrown by the boss, and then release them back at the boss.

This was the second game jam I participated in and the second time I worked within GameMaker Studios. Both of these greatly eased the development of Souls of the Fallen.

Because of our greater experience with GameMaker we decided to go with a more complex game. We did this by adding an AI boss, dual analog combat, interchangable characters, and a tutorial.

Work Highlights

  • Co-designed game
  • Built tutorial that includes triggers, events, and text to the teach the user to play
  • Built momentum based movement system that includes the ability to teleport
  • Built combat that involved absorbing soul orbs and releasing them at the boss
  • Built interchangeable character support that changes characters each time the game starts


''An order of Cleansers have found and drafted your aid in purifying tainted souls. However, before giving aid you must become a Follower and trained in their fighting style. As such The Sensible Sensei has taken you as apprentice and constructed a training regime for you to follow and today is the final day of training. In a ruined shrine long since forgotten you approach the completion of your training.''